Concrete Piers For Decks Shed And Foundation

When building a deck you may decide to construct your own concrete piers. A concrete pier is the beam or post that is made of concrete and is used to support either a deck, gazebo or some other part of the house which you need to be raised. The concrete piers can also be used to make flag posts or us as poles for fencing. You can always be able to buy precast concrete pier that is if you do not have time to construct your own. When building a home the most important thing to consider first is that you have a solid foundation, next you need to consider the price of building that foundation and the third thing to consider is time

When building your own concrete pier block you need to have the following tools before you start your building process. First you need cylindrical concrete forms or sono tube. You can also use something similar. Then you need a pick and shovel or if you have the money you can hire an auger. You will also need a hand tamper. The next thing needed is crushed gravels and ready mix concrete if it is for a small area. But if it is concrete piers for a large area then you will need concrete mixing machines. You will also need the trowel used by masons.

The first step of building your concrete pier block is to mark the location where you will want your concrete piers block to be placed

Then you will dig holes which the concrete form will fit in the holes should be about 6 inches below the level of frost in your area. If you have favorable climatic condition then you will need to dick up to 36 inches deep. The hole should have 6 inches in diameter which is larger than the concrete form. This should be able to allow for back fills.

The third step is to firmly compact the soil using the hand tamper then you can add about four inches of the crushed gravel into the hole and compact again. You can also pour an already mixed concrete so that it will be able to hold your pier in place.

The fourth step for the concrete piers formation is that you need to set the form or mould into the ground, when doing this you need to be sure that it is straight by using the plumb to check that then you need to start the back filling which is outside the form but in the hole.  When back filling you need to stop every once in a while to compact the soil. Then you need to trim the top of the form to the desired height and level

The fifth step should be to prepare the concrete which you already mixed and pour it into the form to form a pier the pier. You need to use the lumber by plunging it into the concrete and working it around to remove any air pocket that might be trapped. The concrete should be poured to the height desired for your precast concrete piers.

The next step you need to use your trowel to float the concrete top. Then you need to add joist anchors or post bases to the concrete piers center. This should be according to the plan of your deck. Then allow the precast concrete pier to dry and cure for at least 24 hours before you move to the next step in your plan.

Making your own precast concrete piers can be fun but it is a hard work. You might get surprised at how much bags of concrete will need to be mixed in order to make several concrete piers.

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